Tuesday, 1 December 2015

December Begins!

It's officially Shitscram!

Sam's given in to my demands and let me pick out a suitably festive bedding for the season and on Monday we'll be taking a day to decorate the living room ready for the festive period.

Before I get stuck in to thinking about plans and goals for the final month of 2015, a small disclaimer: Basically, a huge amount of this year has sucked. Massively.

Back in August I came down with a nasty chest infection that never actually seemed to go away. I later found out that this was because at some point, the infection had triggered adult-onset asthma. So the huge coughing fits that had been wiping me out for entire days were actually asthma attacks.

On the whole it's not the worst news in the world; asthma sucks but is manageable. But the three months between originally falling ill and finally finding out about my asthma (and then being able to get the right treatment for it) were basically a write-off. My working pace slowed to glacial levels (and it's taking me ages to catch up again), I've not been able to visit friends for what seems like forever, and the holiday in the Lakes - while still lovely - was nowhere near what it could have been as I only managed one tiny hill the whole week (and spend the rest of the day coughing and wheezing... turns out climbing hills when your asthma is playing up is a no-go). And the less said about having an asthma attack during my first ever presentation at a major conference, the better.

I'm starting to put everything back together, bit by bit, but the final third of this year has, I'm sorry to say, been a bit pants. For now, at least, there's going to be no grand lists of things to do, no reach-for-the-stars type goals.

This month is about being kind to myself and getting back to where I need to be.

So my goals this month are to...

  • Keep a regular study schedule
    I'm not about to say get draft X finished or anything like that. At least not yet. Rather, I want to get into the habit of working for 2-4 hours everyday (except Sunday and Monday... at least for now).

  • Get back onto the bike
    It's getting easier to manage my asthma so now might be the time to get back into the saddle (albeit with a blue inhaler to hand)

  • Spend more time with friends
    Thanks to a mixture of being too ill to be able to function past 5pm and general busy-ness of all parties, I've hardly seen any of my friends since summer ended. I need to get back into the swing of things now that dizzying coughing fits are slightly less common in my day-to-day life.

So basically: act like a human being ;-)

Hope your December goals are more interesting than mine!


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