Monday, 31 August 2015

An Update!

It's been a while.
Also, where has this year gone? How on earth can it be September tomorrow? This is entirely out of order.

So what to tell you? Well two big bits of news have happened since I last updated (indeed they happened within a week of one another!)

First of all: Sam and I got engaged!

During a weekend visit to his hometown, Sam drove us out to Lake Vyrnwy and popped the question after I turned around from taking this picture:

So a lot of the last month and a bit has involved a lot of stress mingled with over-excitement as we try to get the big stuff booked as early as possible (photographer and reception venue sorted so far!) so we can have a bit of time off before getting stuck into the nitty gritty of decorating the venue... and ourselves :p

So that was on the Saturday, then when I'd finally started to calm down - I woke up to an email the following Thursday informing me that I'd been published! And in a seriously good journal to boot!

If that can't rescue waning academic confidence, I don't think anything can!  If anyone is particularly into moral enhancement ethics, drop me a line and I'll link you to the article.

Unfortunately not long after I'd finished celebrating that, I ended up with a chest infection that put me out of action for the best part of two weeks. So I've fallen a little behind with work, which is annoying, but one of those things. It's also proved a crippling blow to my fitness, which this close to this year's walking holiday is beyond inconvenient.

So the next few weeks will no doubt fly by in a haze of textbooks, editing, reading, writing, presenting, conferencing, drinking with cohorts - as well as preliminary dress shopping (eek!), visiting family, seeing my best friend before she goes South for her basic training, celebrating my brother's birthday, visiting my brother-in-law-to-be (to borrow his car), and trying to squeeze in some exercise so that I don't collapse within the first five minutes of the first hike of the holiday. Again: eek!

So what else has been happening? Well....

We went strawberry picking

I spent some time with a puggle

Visited Nottingham to see Sam's brother and dad

Took in some Sheffield-based artwork:

And generally had an amazing few weeks (evil chest infection aside). 

For instance, today wasn't too bad...

Here's to a busy but exciting year ahead...


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