Thursday, 2 July 2015

July Begins

Well it's been a strange month-and-a-day. 

June was actually rather a lot of fun, all in all. I got a fair bit done for work (even if I did then find out I basically need to rewrite 80% of it, but swings and roundabouts), I saw some mates I hadn't seen in what felt like an age, met some new friends as well, made slow-but-steady progress on my driving, and got started on something very big that I can't actually talk about yet (this is killing me, btw!). 

It ended on a bum note with some crap news. It's all very survivable, but it's likely to radically threaten our vision for how the next few years will unfold. 

Still. Shit happens and it's just an indicator that it's time to get properly stuck in and try to avoid risking coasting.  Says the woman writing a blog post instead of reading up on empathy.

So in the interests of staying focused and surviving the times to come, here's my list of goals for July...

  • Get back to the gym - for various reasons, my attendance at my local gym has been atrocious for much of this year. But the majority of students have gone home for the summer and Sam's back at work so there's no excuse. Besides, there's a walking holiday to prepare for!
  • Go on at least 3 hill walks - On the subject of walking... To be fair, I'm relying a bit on our grand plan to visit Sam's family for some of this, as his folks live in Shrewsbury: handy for the Long Mynd and even for Snowdonia National Park.

  • Get article 2 (and article 2a) done - Well. That is, thorough drafts thereof (my supervision meeting isn't until August, so they can't be finished until after that at any rate). I need to get my ducks in a row with my thesis asap and the sooner I get this paper(s) done the better - it's like a bloody albatross around my neck and I'll be glad to see the back of it. (Well... until it comes back from peer review, at least).

  • Get my railcard sorted - my railcard runs out in July, and as I'm no longer a fresh-faced youngster, I now have to go through the seven labours to get it renewed. Or something.

  • And the usual garb - i.e. try to have a diet that's no 80% ice cream and pizza, try to actually save some money, etc. etc.
Here's to having a frank and productive holiday decent July.

Especially when it starts to cool down...

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