Friday, 16 January 2015

When the Snow Came

How was the snow for you?

I don't mean the traffic jams, the chaos on the roads, the problems with transport, or a load of shops shutting. I mean when it first came.

When you looked out of the window (or in my case, poked my head out of the door to see my Grandma rushing up the path shouting "it's snowing! Get the bins in!") and first realised it was really coming down.

Or, if you were as snowy as we were, when you woke up on the 27th to see that everything was covered.

If I'm honest, I was very lucky.

Because it was Christmas, I didn't have to be at work (I can't imagine getting to Manchester or Leeds would be a cakewalk in this).

And, crucially, because it was Christmas, I was at the family home rather than the flat.

Much as I love the flat, getting scenes like these on a 20 minute walk would have been much more unlikely...

I really rather enjoyed the snow.

For about half a day.
Then the gritters didn't bother going round Rotherham and kinda spoiled it for everyone.

I was more than a little glad when the rain and unexpected warmth on New Year's Day got rid of what remained of the snows (and, latterly ice) from Boxing Day.

But for one morning, at least, it was really quite nice.


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