Monday, 19 January 2015

Update #1 for The Birthday List

Well, I've been 26 for two whole months now (ugh), it's probably time to have a quick look at how the Birthday List is coming along...

1. Get My Driver's Licence
Still haven't organised a lesson as my focus up to now has been on getting on top of my uni work - but I'll hopefully be booking my first lesson in February.

2. Keep a Gratitude Jar
Yeah. This has been more than a little neglected since December. I need to get back on that.

3. Go Abroad
Not really had time just yet.

4. Complete the Gala Darling Courses.
This is also on the back-burner for the foreseeable

5. Fill Two Scrapbooks with Happy Things.
As above. Though I've been collecting things ready.

6. Go To At Least Two Gigs (of bands I actually care about)
Ticket bought for Primordial next month! Now I just need to think of a second...

7. Try One New Pub/Restaurant Each Month
This has been going fairly well. In November I visited The Harley in Sheffield (about which I'll do a little write up soon) and in December, Robyn took me to Crowd of Favours in Leeds, which is a nice little place. I should also be trying some new places in Leeds with Robyn and/or Patrick this month as well. So doing quite well on this score so far!

8. Read 10 Novels Not By Terry Pratchett
Do autobiographies count? Because I read Amy Poehler's. No? Thought not. Okay, I've not read any non-Pratchett novels yet, though I have just picked up two paperbacks(!) to read, so that will do as a starting point.

9. Go Rock Climbing
I will get round to this one day. Honest...

10. Go Camping Somewhere Other Than The Lake District
I am putting a great deal of effort into nagging Sam to let us camp in Wales, even if it's just for one night in the summer. We'll see how we go on that score.

11. Make a Meal From Scratch Every Month
While I cheated for November - December (by getting Sam to "help"), my success at making sweet potato wedges this year has brought untold joy (for me, at least, as Sam hates sweet potatoes) and made for some yummy dinners. Also, turns out markets are dirt cheap for veggies. Who'd have thought.

12. Join a Gym
This will be happening in about two weeks' time, ready for "Fitness February" (oh, yeah, I'm kind of into giving themes to months at the minute. I'll do a write up on that soon).

13. Do a Wardrobe Clear Out.
Not yet. If anything it's got worse...

14. Lose a Stone.
On the one hand I weigh about a quarter of a pound more than I did on my birthday... But on the other hand, that's still about 3lbs less than I did just after Christmas. Swings and Roundabouts. But I'm getting more into veggies, so hopefully this isn't too out of my reach.

15. Take on More at Work
I've put my name down to work on a major project at work, I started out my teaching for this term really well, and I've also put my name down to do some reviewing.... I'm still behind on my actual thesis, but still.

16. Spend a Weekend in London. 
Still needs sorting, but still very much on the cards. 

17. Go Up 10 New Hills
Oh I so want to go up even ONE hill right now. Might see how this week pans out time-wise and weather-wise and see if I can persuade Sam to do the Mam Tor Circuit with me.

18. Drink More Water (and Less Pop)
I've had very mixed success with this. Some days I've been really good and only had 1 can, others have been a shambles. So very much still a work-in-progress.

19. Blog Better
I think I'm blogging a little better, and I've been making a more conscious effort to post in a more consistent manner. I've also been making more of an effort to read posts by others on better blogging. But again, this is very much an on-going thing.

20. Keep a 1-Line-a-Day Journal
I've been doing this! Since New Years Day I've been keeping a 1-line-a-day journal as well as a day-to-view journal for a more detailed write up. I'm rubbish at doing it everyday, but I usually do it every two days, meaning that there are no blanks. Now just to keep this up.

21. Complete the Couch-to-5k Program
Again, something for Fitness February.

22. Visit a Different Country in Great Britain
I am seriously hoping it'll be Scotland, but this is looking like it's going to be Wales (which is no bad thing, but I'd like to try something totally new). Again, this will involve making puppy-dog eyes at Sam as to where we go - and indeed whether we go at all.

23. Take Sam on a Sushi Date
Today I'm taking Sam to a world buffet which serves sushi to make sure he can actually stomach the stuff - if all goes well, I'll be dragging him to Sakushi in Sheffield (or Yo! in Meadowhall, because convenience) another day. And if it doesn't, well at least I got to eat a load of sushi with Robyn last month.

24. Save at Least £500 in an ISA
I spent my first paycheque of the year on refilling my savings after Christmas and the delay in getting this month's pay emptied it - but I'm still hoping to put at least £50 in this month. If I manage to do that every month, then I should hit my target. And even more would be even better.

25. Make More Time for Friends and Family
Thanks to a crap start to the year, I'm even more aware than ever about the importance of not taking people for granted. This month has been very family orientated: I've been visiting my Grandma every week and ringing her most days, and Sam and I visited my Dad for his birthday on Friday and took him to the pub, which was nice. I've not been as great at keeping up with friends, but I still managed to fit in an all-dayer with one at the start of the month, an all-dayer with most of the gang this weekend, and will be seeing both my Leeds mates over the next two weeks. So really, I'm not doing too badly at all.

This is the blank one - so it's been pretty easy to fill so far. But I really ought to think about filling it sometime soon. Those of you who read my hiking blog will know that I have something in mind for this, but we'll have to see for now.

Do making neon orange smoothies count towards #11?
How are you guys getting on with your resolutions/birthday lists?


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