Friday, 2 January 2015

January Sales Haul!

Oh but the January Sales are wonderful. There really is nothing better than dragging your long-suffering boyfriend 'round town for hours on end, spending up your Christmas money.

And I'm rather chuffed with how I did this year, so I thought I'd do a quick post to show off my haul (I believe this is a standard blogger thing to do). So here are the bits I bought, organised by where I bought them...


Probably my most exciting haul - especially as I'm pretty new to Lush. I've always had a quiet fascination when it comes to their things, but I've always been put off by the pretty high prices. I briefly broke with this habit back in June when I bought my lip scrub and in doing so realised that when you do fork out, the stuff is pretty decent. So when I heard there was a sale on, my feet barely touched the ground.

What I bought...

  • It's Magic! Gift Set (containing: Dragon Egg, Shoot for the Stars, and Northern Lights bath bombs and Magic Wand bubble bar)
  • Hot Toddy Shower Gel (100g - not pictured)
  • Star Light, Star Bright Bath Melt
  • 2 x Shoot for the Stars Bath Bombs
  • First Snow Gift Set (containing: (takes a deep breath) First Snow dusting powder, Shimmy Shimmy, Snow Fairy Shower Gel (100g), Bubblegum lip scrub, Rock Star soap (100g), Baked Alaska soap (120g), and Snowman Fun (bubble bar, solid shampoo, and soap that can be moulded into the shape of a snowman).)
Original cost: £71.35(ish) I Paid: £35.73 

I'm now banned from going in there ever again (well, at least until the next January Sales), but it was worth it.


I was pretty well-behaved in Wilkos. Mostly because Sam was being a voice of reason, but I need to pop into the shop again tomorrow, so the Wilko 'haul' may yet get bigger. 

I bought a roll of wrapping paper (which looks pretty year-round), some indoor fairy lights (though I bought the wrong colour, so I will need to buy another box), and a mini box of Roses as a 'thank you' to Sam for allowing me to drag him around Sheffield.
Original cost: £6.50 I Paid: £3.25

Marks and Spencers

Well now I do feel old. But in my defense, I originally popped in to see if I could find some nice pyjamas as a present for my Grandma (shockingly, there were all a bit rubbish), and ended up treating myself in the sales...

What I bought...
  • Five of those glittery letters
  • A cute, personalised garland-making kit (I'm going to make something wonderful for the study)
  • A day-to-view 2015 diary
Original cost: £18  I Paid: £7.50

I'm going to give the letters out to people at the start of Christmas 2015, but I've already snuck off with two of them and am giving serious thought to having them up the year-round. (we'll see...)


I'm really sad to say that I found the Paperchase sales to be really underwhelming this year. Though I did get some bits with which I was rather happy, it was nothing compared to some previous sales hauls.

I bought a cute black and orange box (which I'm using to keep my papers and notebook in while I work in the living room, to keep the place tidy), some more glitter washi tape, and some snow-in-a-can for next Christmas. Earth-shatteringly exciting.
Original cost: £14  I Paid: £7

Online Buys!

I've also splurged on things over the internet. Shockingly.
There have been two main sites at which I have impersonated that well-known Futurama meme: Miss Selfridge and, surprisingly for some, Steam.

Miss Selfridge

Now this is cheating slightly, as I actually bought this in their pre-Xmas sale, but this skirt was too good a deal to pass up (especially for someone as sparkle-obsessed as I am). My only issue with this skirt is that it sheds like a particularly fluffy dog in the summer, but otherwise it is rather lovely...

Original cost: £55  I Paid: £15.30 (with free P&P. All of the win).


All hail Gaben! This sale has been brilliant - and there's still 4 hours left! (my poor bank balance...)

So far, my digital haul has included...

  • Child of Light
  • BattleBlock Theatre
  • Little Inferno (this is surprisingly fun...)
  • The Stanley Parable
  • Brave New World (Civ V extension) 
There's not a huge point in doing a comparison like above, as Steam prices can fluctuate dramatically, but on the whole I think there are far worse ways to spend £17.

Now, get thee to the Steam Sale for the last few hours - there's some amazing deals on right now! (must... not... buy... Kerbal Space Program)

So that's my haul for this year's January Sales. All-in-all I've saved around £97 this year - not including the Steam splurge. Ok, I've also spent £69 (or £86 if you include Steam). But that's not the point and you know it's not. How dare you.

How have you found the Sales? Any triumphs/disappointments? Have you bought anything nice? Answers on a postcard...


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