Thursday, 1 January 2015

Hello 2015!

Happy New Year! I hope you all had a good NYE - we spent ours eating delicious food, drinking strange drinks (Southern Comfort with Apple Tango tastes way better than you'd expect it to) while playing Big Fat Quiz of the Year.

I sported an NYE look that was as demure as it was subtle...

A Crown and Glory birthday crown, dark red lippy, glitter eye shadow cream, glitter nails, lace top, and this super low-key skirt.

At midnight we watched a few fireworks, I sang all the verses to Auld Lang Syne at a volume that made the furniture bleed, and I rang my folks for ages after Sam fell asleep at roughly 00:08. Rock n roll.

This morning it was a case of in with the New Year and out with the iced-over pavements, and we were finally able to leave our flat and walk around without me panicking/whimpering more than usual.

So this afternoon we had a New Year’s lunch at the Red Deer followed by home-made Amaretto Truffles when we got back. Tonight I foresee an Ashen’s binge and more leftover goodies (well we need to get them ‘et) and me getting overexcited about finally getting to use my new diary and the fake Filofax I got for Jingly.


I've also had a think about resolutions and it occurs to me that I'm 99% covered by my Birthday List in the goal-setting department, but here are my big umbrella resolutions for me to keep in the forefront of my mind over the next 12 months...

  • Treat my PhD Like It's My Job
    Because it basically is.
    This ties in with number 15 on the Birthday List but it's also there to remind me that while I am still technically a student, I shouldn't act like one. Coasting, being lazy, greater-than-average procrastination will not be tolerated.

  • Take Better Care of My Health
    This ties in with a fair few of the items on the List, but I really was a bit rubbish between my birthday and the new year (birthday + deadlines + holidays do not a healthy Roxy make) and I need to try my utmost to avoid turning into a giant marshmallow in the new year. Besides, I'll need to make sure I'm fighting fit for my next resolution...

  • More Hills & More Adventures
    As I will note soon over on the hiking blog (breaking radio-silence in doing so), this year has been shocking for hills. I haven't been up a hill since we got back from the Lakes. What. The. Hell. I've even moved closer to hills since then and still the only hills I've been tackling are those in Sheffield and my home village. So this needs to get sorted.
    Also, as noted in the List, there's a whole bunch of other adventures that need to get done - for a start: I haven't been abroad for nearly 6 years. That's obscene. And I want more mini-adventures with Sam, my friends, and my family - after all, staying up til 5am playing Cards Against Humanity might not be walking the Wast Water Screes, but it was still one of my best memories from 2014.

  • Don't Take Anyone, or Anything, for Granted
    2014 was a year of scares for the health of loved ones (and there's already been some fretting in 2015), and I wasted way too much of last year slobbing or procrastinating in really pointless ways (possible add-on: All Procrastination Must Be Productive ...I just hope that's not too paradoxical!). Nothing is guaranteed; nothing - and no one - lasts forever. I need to be mindful of that.

  • Follow The Wise Words of The Oatmeal...

I hope you're all having a wonderful start to 2015!


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