Monday, 12 January 2015

Day in the Life: Before & After

I have decided not to have any time off next Christmas/New Years. The best that I will agree to is cutting down to an hour of work a day on those that I would otherwise have had off. A couple of people have told me that this seems a little harsh. In response, I thought I'd let the world see how my working life looked before Christmas, in comparison to now. Oh dear.

Before Christmas...

Wake up. Overdose on coffee and "breakfast biscuits" (I just like an excuse to eat biscuits for breakfast) while catching up on Instagram and Facebook.

Jump on the bike for 45 minutes - usually while watching American Horror Story. Then a quick shower to make me look human again.

After drying my hair and throwing on some comfortable clothes, I sit down with a coffee and biscuit and go over what uni stuff I need to get done for the day.
Then, with some occasional distractions (and resorting to using Strict Workflow rather a lot), get on with the to-do list. I usually do the rougher stuff first, as I'm no use to anyone after lunch.

Lunch! Usually soup and bread... though I'm occasionally naughty and pop up the road to the sandwich shop (including one of the branded ones... chicken and chorizo BBQ is dangerous stuff). If I'm in a good flow with work I'll usually read at my desk - either BBC News or a few blog posts. If I've burned out then I tend to veg a little and watch something on iPlayer or Netflix.

If I've the energy/will to go on with uni stuff then I often do, otherwise I use this time to do chores around the flat, work on other projects, and start planning for the next day.

6pm (or later, depending on circumstances)
Start work on dinner. Sam usually cooks, as he's far better at it but I will occasionally have a go. Fortunately, no one has died yet.
We'll usually eat at the dining table while watching something on the laptop (plugged into the TV for the novelty).

At this point, Sam and I will either continue watching things (this was especially prevalent when we first moved in together and kept marathoning Parks and Rec), or we'll hang out in the other room: him playing games, me reading (...or playing games).

Teeth cleaned, PJs on, Sam and I watch an episode of something - or a few Ashens/Robbaz videos - on the laptop in bed. After that, the lappy goes away and the Kindles come out. I wish I could say that there's a respectable "goodnight dear!" moment - but usually time is called on this when I fall asleep reading and the Kindle falls on my face (ow). This happens far more often than I would like to admit.

Dad's gorgeously chaotic tree

After Christmas...

It varies. But overall: not like it was.
At all.
I have forgotten what pre-10am looks like (I sleep through an average of 4 alarms, even though I'm not late to bed).
I have also fallen out of love with the bike, which would be fine were it not for the lack of fitness alternatives right now (though fortunately I should get a bonus soon - to the gym!).
And I've only just got back to working on my thesis (I am a terrible human being).

But it's getting there. And, if nothing else, hopefully this will shame me into turning back into wonder woman, as I apparently was at the end of last year.

For now, I'm clearly going to need a far more annoying alarm clock.


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