Monday, 8 December 2014

It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like...

Monday Jingly!

Ever since I went to Leeds in the middle of last month and "Merry Christmas, Everyone" randomly came on in Superdrug while I was trying to talk myself out of binge-buying lipstick, I have been trying desperately to repress the festiveness bubbling up within.

Last Monday - 1st December - the Coca Cola truck came to Sheffield, and I took it as a sign that I was finally allowed to release it.

Sam, the poor thing, has been hit full-force by this festive fallout and will continue to suffer its consequences until he finally escapes to Shropshire, and safety, for the big day itself.

Feelin' festive. Clearly.

But on the whole, he's being really rather good about it all; being brilliant with the tree set-up and decoration, and even buying in hot chocolate and cookies for us to have as a post-decoration snack. He's even got on board with my suggestion for an Xmas tradition: that every year we each buy an awesome bauble for the tree - so that we'll eventually have a tree full of awesome baubles. This year's picks are pictured below (I think it's pretty obvious which one's Sam's ... and it also happens to be the best, tbh).

There's a few more festive things to come this month... though there's also an awful lot of deadlines, teaching, and pretending to be an adult. So this should be an interesting one to balance.

Until then, here's our festive little cave for the next few weeks...

How's your festive feeling getting on?

Merry Jingly!

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