Tuesday, 11 November 2014


Spot the Sam
Inspired by this post (ok, with the questions slightly stolen), I thought I'd give you a brief catch up, especially as things are still more than a bit hectic right now.

Reading: Currently re-reading Carpe Jugulum by Terry Pratchett (I’ve spent the last few weeks re-reading the Witches of Discworld arc), and, increasingly, articles and textbooks. With regards to fiction, one day I will read something that isn’t a Discworld novel… it’s just that today is not that day.

Watching: Sam and I have recently gotten into Gogglebox… as in we caught up with all of it in the space of two evenings and now feel bereft. I’ve also gotten him into Coronation Street – which led to us visiting the studios (and him never being able to live it down).

Sam is slightly easier to spot here.

Eating: Too much pizza. I’m putting myself on a ban.

Drinking: It’s my birthday soon – and the party this weekend – so I foresee a lot of cider, Amaretto, and pop in my future…

Using: The hell out of my fuzzy blanket. And, to a lesser extent, the heating. The temperature shift from the end of October into November was ridiculous.

Recently: Stressing, napping, gaming, reading, travelling, dealing with early mornings (ow), planning for Halloween and now birthday and jingly, decorating, refusing to take down Halloween decorations, spending time with the family, watching things, grieving, making to-do lists and then ignoring them.

Wearing: New skinny jeans – and new top. Oo-er. It’s also that time of year: my beloved parka (or, as my friend calls it, my “oasis coat”) has been moved out of the wardrobe and onto the coatrack.

Listening: To ‘Waterfall’ by the Stone Roses (blame Corrie…), ‘Spooky Scary Skeletons’ by Andrew Gould (blame Halloween), and I've finally joined the Actual Cannibal Shia LeBeouf party…

Trying: To get myself excited about the paper I’m working on at the moment. The fact of the matter is, thanks to a recent conference talk, I’m more excited about one of the papers I’ll be writing next year… and it doesn't help that my supervisors made it a bit clear that they feel the same.

Purchased: Games, seasonal sweets (fiendish fancies!), clothes, lip stuff, Crown and Glory stuff, tickets to the Coronation Street Tour (don’tjudgeme).

 Crown and Glory Custom pieces are gorgeous things

Working: on my first proper paper. Terrifying stuff. I've also recently finished my first lot of med school teaching for this academic year, which was… interesting.

Enjoying: Living with Sam (still!), making birthday fortnight plans, reading the Witches of Discworld arc (I always forget just how brilliant those books are), and – overall - The Season: Halloween followed by my birthday, followed by Jingly. YES.

I'm going to try and queue a few posts for the next few weeks... there's a lot to catch up on.

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