Sunday, 19 October 2014

Sunday Linkage #9

I spend more time than I ought to on the web, some good ought to come of it; so here's some links to stuff I've read over the last week or so that are worth sharing... 

I thoroughly enjoyed Pixie and Pixier's piece on the selfie

Not sure if this link will work, all I know is this New Scientist article put Jonathan Glover's new book right at the top of my wishlist

The Real-Life Inspiration for Disney's Princess Tiana - awesome read.

I want to go to Iceland!

...Okay, I need to go to Iceland!

This thesis bootcamp looks like torture... and also kinda like something I'd like to do one day (oh dear)

Sorry to link to the Daily Fail, but these photos of the Lake District taken by a paraglider are beyond amazing and need to be seen.

Animals are amazing and terrifying in equal measure

Norway's new banknotes are stunning (this is making me want to go back even more!)

Thursday, 9 October 2014

Things I Love Thursday

I'm sure it's more encouraged to do this by the likes of Gala Darling and countless other bloggers, rather than outright nicking this idea - but either way, I probably ought to start keeping track of the things that I'm thankful for and that have made me happy over the last week.

I've no doubts that I'm a very lucky girl: I live in a nice (albeit rather cold) flat with the man I love (who's amazing), I'm basically doing my dream job, I've got ace friends, a lovely family, and, bar a randomly cracked tooth (ow), I'm in fairly good health. And yet there are still times when I feel moperific (totally a word). So this seemed a nice way to remind myself that life is pretty bloody awesome, on the whole.

So here's some ace things from the last week... Sam getting offered an ace new job, Parks and Rec binges on the settee, Tesco pizza being on offer (oof), a visit to the dentist that wasn't completely awful (!), starting on a scrapbook, making plans for our anniversary, chicken and chorizo sandwiches, coffee in the Herdy mug, having fun at my teaching job, it looking like I'll have at least one really enthusiastic group this year for teaching, starting to come up with ideas for my first article for uni, coming up with a nice little plan for said-article, participating in #Lovetober (watch this space), Glitterati deliveries, Pratchett binges (currently re-reading Wyrd Sisters), missing five(!) trains due to ace conversation and debate with a mate I don't get to see anywhere nearly enough, getting into the idea of attempting NaNoWriMo 2014 (you heard it here first!), wearing a great deal of flower crowns (and ordering a new one), finally getting our bookcases, and Sam being - well - Sam.

Life is bloody decent.

Wednesday, 8 October 2014

We have a bookcase!

(In fact we have two!)

I know this might seem a bit of an odd topic for a post - but we'd been waiting for the bookcases to arrive for such a long time that this feels like a bit of a major event.

Our flat can finally start coming together now that I no longer spend my time hopping over stacks of textbooks...