Sunday, 14 September 2014

Sunday Linkage - Week 8

I spend more time than I ought to on the web, some good ought to come of it; so here's some links to stuff I've read over the last week or so that are worth sharing... 

This is absolutely incredible: Red Carpet Moments Show Why Women Deserve to Be Asked About More Than Their Dresses

Perfectly useless designs are perfectly useless.

The evolution of the desk

How to set goals and eat churros

Five ways to make this week feel more manageable

Here's a bunch of common misconceptions debunked on Wikipedia

Ten Penny Dreams took some gorgeous photos of my new home city

The music video is more than a little depressing (it's amazing as well, but listening without looking wouldn't be frowned-upon), but this cover of the Foo Fighters hit 'Use Somebody' is utterly beautiful...

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