Friday, 26 September 2014

Good Things

I feel so happy right now, it's ridiculous. So I thought I'd share some of the good things that are making me grin like a tool with all of you...

  • Getting my First Year Report handed in for annual review (following some lovely feedback from my supervisors (especially my law one))
  • Visiting my cousin for the first time in ages, and finally being able to meet his mister and their kitten
  • Also, that kitten? It can play fetch. Awesome.
  • Spending time with my friends - with the exception of the lovely Sadie, I basically didn't see any of them between May and September(!) so getting back to pub visits and chilling out at people's houses has been invaluable.
  • One of my supervisors asking if she can share my literature review as it was a "good example" of one.
  • My dad, brother, and step-mum visiting me and Sam at the new(ish) flat - first ever out-of-town visit from my dad!
  • Calming down about the annual review (even if I'm an ethicist being assessed by two lawyers - eek!)
  • Sam getting drunk yesterday... I'd never actually seen him be drunk before (and we've been together nearly 18 months!) so it was quite an experience. Also: he's adorable when drunk.
  • Finally getting a HDMI cable to connect to the telly in the living room - might not sound like much, but it turns out that Parks & Rec marathons (thank you, Netflix) while on a comfy sofa are pretty much one of the best things in the world.
  • Date night!
  • Visiting family.
  • Hangover - and sympathy hangover - breakfasts. Nom.
  • Humble Bundles.... I have a problem.
  • On that note: Long Live The Queen? Surprisingly good.
  • Scribblenauts Unlimited - which is way more awesome than I was expecting. I might do a post on this later...
  • Glittery things - courtesy of the Glitterati (I will do a post about that at some point, promise!)
  • This classic rock song
  • And, weirdly, this dubstep one as well (it's Sam's fault for playing so much Far Cry 3)
  • Rimmel Colour Rush - I seem to have gone all girly. (For anyone curious: I wear On Fire for work and Boom Chic a Boom to go out-out in. I'm sure you'll all sleep better knowing that).
  • Also: getting briefly obsessed with this topcoat
  • Losing a bit of weight - holy hell!
  • And finally Sam. Always Sam.

Poor, long-suffering Sam....

Sunday, 14 September 2014

Sunday Linkage - Week 8

I spend more time than I ought to on the web, some good ought to come of it; so here's some links to stuff I've read over the last week or so that are worth sharing... 

This is absolutely incredible: Red Carpet Moments Show Why Women Deserve to Be Asked About More Than Their Dresses

Perfectly useless designs are perfectly useless.

The evolution of the desk

How to set goals and eat churros

Five ways to make this week feel more manageable

Here's a bunch of common misconceptions debunked on Wikipedia

Ten Penny Dreams took some gorgeous photos of my new home city

The music video is more than a little depressing (it's amazing as well, but listening without looking wouldn't be frowned-upon), but this cover of the Foo Fighters hit 'Use Somebody' is utterly beautiful...

Tuesday, 9 September 2014


Inspired by this post (ok, with the questions slightly stolen), I thought I'd give you a brief catch up, especially as things are still more than a bit hectic right now.

Reading: Currently re-reading Monstrous Regiment by Terry Pratchett (and falling in love with it all over again), and a ridiculous number of textbooks and articles. Eep.

Watching: Sam and I are hopelessly addicted to the Great British Bake Off (standard), I'm watching Once Upon a Time on the bike (I was not expecting it to be this good), and we've both got a little obsessed with this gaming channel on YouTube (which is not a thing I ever thought I'd say).

Eating: A lot of free food at my first ever conference last week. Seriously exciting times

Drinking: Lots of Pepsi Max... but I'm having a major meeting re: revisions that my assessment piece for my PhD will need on Thursday, so I'm expecting a dramatic increase in my coffee consumption from then!

Using: My legs ...which is a weird way of celebrating that I had a long-ass workout on the bike this morning (woo!)

Recently: Stressing, fretting, travelling for 5 hours at a time, attempting to look professional (before spending the weekend wearing glitter), drinking, gaming, watching stuff, reading loads, bonding with my brother, pestering my boyfriend, finally calming down (a bit).

Wearing: Blazers. A lot. It's amazing what you can get away with wearing if you have a blazer to hand to make it look professional.


Listening: To a lot of whirring; Sam's PC is noisy.

Trying: To keep myself calm. I spent a lot of last week panicking over my thesis assessment next month, now I just need to keep on top of my nerves until I get the green light to work on paper one... or until I get the sack (touch wood that it's the former - eek)

Purchased: Games, food, and a lot of train tickets.

Working: On sorting out my referencing for the assessment piece. Not the most enjoyable bit of research, but needs-must.

Enjoying: Living with Sam (still!) and getting ready for our (late) house-warming party this weekend.