Sunday, 3 August 2014

The New Flat: Getting There

Sam and I moved into our gorgeous new flat on Friday. I'm still on cloud 9 about the whole thing.

As of today, we're all unpacked, but we're still waiting on things like bookcases and bins(!) and so while we're waiting on the postman for exciting things like Sam's new gaming keyboard (boys) and my Glitterati box (Yep. I caved), we're also waiting on a delivery of 4 (count'em) bins, extra coat hangers, and a bath mat.

But even with waiting on these, I'm still hopelessly in love with our new flat.

We're still putting a whole bunch of finishing touches to the place (like bins), so I don't exactly want to do a big photo post just yet, but it's probably safe to excitedly show off a quick few.

 Houndstooth bedding! (Pretty much the only one on which Sam and I agreed!)

 Our primary wardrobe (which is actually the smaller of the two, but this one's attached to our bedroom)

Also, can we appreciate the fact that both wardrobes have windows?!

 Hopelessly in love with my new desk (though I'll have to give up my study while Sadie's over (more on that tomorrow) - but she's worth it)

The floor: nature's bookcase.

Full room photos sometime soon. Until then, I might have to post something interesting(!), like maybe some holiday snaps? The unboxing of my first Glitterati box? Debriefs of mine and Sadie's adventures?

We'll see.



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