Sunday, 3 August 2014

Sunday Linkage - Week 4

I spend more time than I ought to on the web, some good ought to come of it; so here's some links of stuff I've read over the last week that was worth sharing...

I'm not really the crafty sort, but I'm tempted to try to make this DIY Glitter Mason Jar (maybe while Sadie's over!)

The 6 Danger Stages of writing a book or blog (I really ought to consider an editorial calender...)

How To Do 10 Things (at least slightly) Better

I moved to Sheffield this week! Just in time to find out which of the city's pubs is "mathematically best"(!)

The bloke who created the Valyrian and Dothraki languages in Game of Thrones talks linguistics and about being a conlanger.

Sam got me to sit and watch a bunch of Weird Al music videos this week. In addition to the fact that I've had Tacky in my head pretty much since - and that Sam keeps humming Foil - I'm especially happy I can listen to a famous certain catchy tune without having to listen to lyrics condoning rape...  (plus, my inner grammar nerd loves the new lyrics as well.)

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