Monday, 11 August 2014


Inspired by this post (ok, with the questions slightly stolen), I thought I'd give you a brief catch up, especially as things are still a little hectic right now.

Reading: I've just finished re-reading The Truth by Terry Pratchett, and have just started re-reading Monstrous Regiment (also by Pratchett). I have a few non-Discworld books queued up on the Kindle (such as this and this)

Watching: While my best friend Sadie was over, we started watching the first season of Masters of Sex (oo-er) after it came highly recommended. We devoured nine episodes in one day! In a similar vein, I started watching American Horror Story: Asylum towards the end of last month as something to watch on the bike. That's another thing I devoured half a series of in just a day, I'm looking forward to getting back to it later today. And finally, I have to mention something that'll be on many people's "to watch" list: The Great British Bake Off!. *Inserts comment about "soggy bottoms"*

Eating: As Sadie was over, all bets were off food-wise (though I did manage to be healthy at least once). Though we have had some delightful culinary adventures: Sam's signature pasta sauce (oh my days), the newly-renovated Fancie in Sheffield (jury's still out on that one), Red Hot World Buffet in Manchester (standard), Almost Famous in Liverpool (I definitely want to take Sam to the Manchester branch now), Tamper Coffee in Sheffield, and The Cavendish in Sheffield. Bloody hell. I might have to do a food post at some point...

Drinking: Waay too much Coca Cola. Yikes. Also, I had my first iced caramel mocchiato from the Starbucks in Sheffield station... yeah, that stuff was bitter.

Using: The hell out of our newly-installed internet. Is this the best moment after moving into a new place? Because if feels like it should at least be up there.

Recently: Drinking, eating, shopping, gossiping, talking relationships and weddings, play-fighting, wearing ridiculous sunglasses and glorious, crazy hair accessories.... It's been a hell of a week.

Wearing: This top. Quite a lot. This was a classic case of trying something on for a laugh, it turning out it's comfy AND looks awesome, ending up wearing it way too much. I never thought I'd wear a crop top - especially before I get to my goal waist, but this is surprisingly flattering. And was only a fiver. A+, Primark!

Listening: While Sadie was over, we listened to a surprising amount of 90s pop and cheese. Poor Sam.

Trying: To catch up on all the work I should have been doing while I was having adventures (oops).

Purchased: Sooo many hair things. A ridiculous amount, in fact. Watch this space.

Working: On understanding treatment orders and drug regulation. Oh dear.

Enjoying: Living in a beautiful flat, in a brilliant city, with the best person I've ever met. To put it another way: A week and a half in and I'm not exactly hating living with Sam.

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