Monday, 21 July 2014

Holiday Debrief: A Week and a Half in the Lake District

So it turns out that 10 nights in a tent is hard graft. I think my limit is probably closer to 5 (6 at a push). But nonetheless, the holiday was pretty... um... interesting.

Within the first four days alone we had:
  • Food poisoning
    I think. Actually to this day I still don't know what caused me to spend the 8th classily puking behind the tent.

  • Explosive nosebleeds. 
    And lots of them.

  • Nearly getting stuck on Hardknott Pass
    Doing a hill-start on the steepest road in England because of some moron not understanding the purpose of a passing place was not fun for Sam, nor for me (who has a history of not enjoying that road to begin with).

  • FIRE!!
    Flameless cookboxes are not as they seem (post to follow).

And after that we had:
  • Me habitually throwing soup/noodles everywhere
  • The fact you can't get a decent pasta in the Lakes. Petty, but gods I missed pasta.
  • Purposely going before the summer holidays to avoid school kids... so an entire school appears at the site.
  • Sam coming down with whatever it is he has towards the end of the holiday.
  • Fucking Maryport

But there were loads of awesome things as well...
  • Easy drive up, listening to Alan Partridge
  • Seeing half a dozen hawk jets over the first few days - and a Hercules!
  • Side Pike. Always.
  • Sam winning undisputed best person by looking after me when I was gross and pukey.
  • Splurging at the Herdy shop - I got loads of bits for the new flat.
  • So Mickleden is lovely
  • Discovering the "bunny nursery"
  • Sunset over Blea Tarn
  • Waterhead times
  • Bumping into 4 baby bunnies on the way to the loo at 4am(!)
  • Lingmoor Fell was nice
  • Illgill Head! My highest hill yet! (even though the view was definitely not as expected :p)
  • Ravenglass - Eskdale Railway
  • Cow and Herdy traffic jams
  • Being by the sea, surrounded by beached jellyfishes.
  • The Strands Inn in Nether Wasdale is awesome. Pity we only found out on the last night. 

So while I reckon we'll be saving up for a cottage stay the next time we fancy more than 5 nights in the Lakes, it was still a pretty decent holiday on the whole.

Plus, Sam and I spent 10 nights together, living in a tent, and still don't hate each other. So that's a good thing to take away if nowt else. :p

Now that I'm back and procrastinating both work and packing for the big move to Sheffield, expect many photos from the most beautiful place on Earth. 

I'm sorry/you're welcome.


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