Monday, 28 July 2014

A Slightly Calmer Afternoon

(In theory)

No sooner had I written that title than we had word that a decent-sized spanner had been thrown into the works for moving day this Friday. Gah.  Fortunately, some frantic googling and facebooking and I'm now reassured that it's all very sortable. Still, always handy to have a reminder not to tempt fate...

So, I've been back from the Lakes for a week and a half now, and back from Shropshire for just shy of a week, and it's all been pretty, well, Go.

When we got back we found out that Sam had got a particularly nasty case of food poisoning (which he's still not completely over even now), so that was a whole thing. Then my Dad told me I was moving to Yorkshire on Thursday, so I traveled back to Manchester to get packing... and then the whole random, last-minute midnight flit happened.

So Wednesday night I was back in Yorkshire with my life in boxes and a chapter to draft for my thesis due today. Throw in doctors appointments, new workout schedules, a night away and family dos, and you're getting an idea of how the last few days have been.

But I've sent off the draft as it is so far, I've got the bear minimum out of my boxes to make life a little easier, and I'm not due back on the bike until this evening (this heat is going to be the death of me...).

For once I might just have time for a slightly calmer afternoon.

Tomorrow will see me starting research into an area of law I don't know anything about, sorting through endless boxes in pursuit of my desk key for going up to Manchester on Wednesday, more bike times, and tidying in excited anticipation for Sam's arrival on Wednesday afternoon (ready for us to move on Friday).

But for now, I think I can have a coffee, a biscuit, and - above all else - a nice sit down.

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