Saturday, 14 June 2014

The Procrastination Continues

As I mentioned earlier this week, things are a little unusual at the moment: I've spent a lot of time to-ing and fro-ing between Sam's place in Sheffield and my Grandma's a few villages outside of Rotherham... So it has basically felt as though I've gone back in time to when I was still waiting to start my PhD - only with the added guilt of not getting enough done.

I have managed to crack the spine of this book, but all in all there's been a lot more adventuring and procrastination in the meantime. So here's some of what's been happening since my last post, for the curious...


A spot of shopping and errand-running in the morning, including getting my fringe cut (my last trim was in March!), procrastination in the day time, then off to my Dad's favourite Chinese restaurant with him, my stepmum, my brother Harry, and Grandma.


On Wednesday, I walked the Mam Tor circuit with my mam (harhar). The weather was perfect for it, and while I impressed myself by showing that my fitness has dramatically increased since the last time I did the route in March, Mum really stole the show: it's incredible to think that she was in intensive care at the start of the year.
(Stay posted for the write up on BLH!)


I felt a little lazy on the journey back home from the Peaks on Wednesday evening, and so got off the bus 14 miles early to crash at Sam's, so I spent the morning travelling back to Grandma's to pick up my things and kill some time by baking some brownies (from scratch!) as a treat for Sam to celebrate him finishing his final exam that afternoon.

I was going to document the baking process... I took this one then spent the rest of the time covered in all sorts and afraid to touch my camera.


Yesterday was a nice and chilled out affair: a lie-in followed by dinner out at the Harlequin in Sheffield (which was beyond filling), then when Sam's friend arrived (they're having a lads' weekend) we headed out for a drink or two, which led to me excitedly commandeering a swing in a park near to the flat.


Today has been a lazy day overall, with Sam and his friend preparing to get lairy and then shot (with BBs) this weekend, I left them to it and headed back to Grandma's with my laptop, textbooks, and presents for Dad for tomorrow. But not before Sam had taken this. Maximum boyfriend points.

Tonight I have big, exciting plans involving the stationary bike, a textbook on mental health law, and watching the England match in my pyjamas. Dream big.

How's your week turned out?


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