Monday, 9 June 2014

The Art of Procrastination

On Wednesday I had my first meeting with my supervisors (5 months into my PhD). I was convinced they were going to tell me that everything I had done was wrong, that the way I'd been planning and drafting my literature review was wrong and that I needed to do everything over again. So in true Roxy form, I spent the morning drinking coffee, taking selfies, and doing anything else I could think of to distract myself before I headed over to my department.

It's a good thing I'm getting a haircut tomorrow.

Turns out that I'm on the right track, PhD-wise, and I've been given a short list of things to do before my next meeting a few days before I head over to the Lakes. One of those things is to get a handle on the legal basics ready for writing up the law section of this chapter. The word "eek" doesn't even come close. So I've loaded up on books from the library to try and get my head around this... emphasis on try.

I spent the rest of Wednesday with one of my cohort colleagues who was over for her first meeting as well. So after coffee, me going to the gym while she had her meeting, we then hit the shops. The Cotswold Outdoor near me is shutting down, so I got an amazing pair of Haglofs trousers from there for half price (swoon), and then we headed over to the Trafford Centre for a browse and a meal at one of the best burger places around.


And when we got back, I hurriedly jumped into the shower, got changed and headed over to the the club where the Rock Soc was having their end-of-year formal. So Wednesday was pretty exhausting (though I feel I should get points for doing a 22-hour day).

Thursday was spent at the gym, the office, and in the library. By the way, the library? Terrifying. The orange section of the Manchester uni looks like a set from a horror film. And on Friday I had a couple of hours at the gym followed by frantic packing and then speeding off to Sheffield to make a fuss of Sam after his penultimate exam.

Dinner on Friday was pulled pork and burger at the Cavendish Sheffield. Awesome.

We spent a lot of the weekend in shops: Sam had a project on the go that he needed eqipment for, meanwhile I just wanted to avoid cracking the spines on those law books. So instead I wandered around the shops. Though it wasn't all for naught: I got some stuff for the flat (53 days to go!) and some Father's Day presents. I also picked up my first ever purchase from Lush, oo-er...

On Sunday, we had nothing planned and Sam didn't fancy a sofa day and so naturally that automatically marked the day as one for studying... and so suddenly I couldn't do any work until I had a brand new notebook to put it in. Funny that.

So random shopping trip in the sun, followed by a mandatory post-sun nap, and suddenly it was late in the day, too late for law reading at any rate.

Queen of procrastination. That's me.

And today I'm back home-home for a few days to give Sam the chance not to be sucked in by my procrastinating ways. Apparently he's managed 3 hours of revision... I've eaten an apple and argued with my brother. Though in my defense, I haven't seen him, my dad, or my stepmum for 2 months, nor my grandma for one.

Tomorrow is the haircut (you saw that fringe), and in the evening a family meal out, so maybe I'll get something done then.


One day, books.


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