Thursday, 26 June 2014

My Style: 6 Key Items

A couple of the blogs I read now (1,2) have been talking about defining their style through just 5 key items from their wardrobe.

Thing is, I wasn't entirely 100% on whether I even have a style - but then I remembered back to when I did things other than procrastinate on my thesis, and maybe I do... But I'm going to do 6. Because collages are harder with 5...

1. High-Waisted Shorts.
In addition to leading lads to sing a certain Queen song at me (not even kidding), breaking my fall a lot, and apparently keeping diabetes at bay (!), having a big butt is ace because it means that shorts and pencil skirts invariably look magnificent.

To be honest, high-waisted stuff can be problematic: I have a small waist with big(ish) hips and a (definitely) big butt, so getting stuff like this that fits is a hell of an effort. But for some reason these have never steered me wrong. Summer or winter.

2. Converse or Converse-esque shoes

Preferably in black or oxblood. That's important. But yeah, these are beyond comfortable, no fuss involved, and go well with around 90% of my outfits. Awesome stuff.

3. My "Yellow" Dress

I'm obsessed with this dress. As with many of the items that have meant a lot to me over the years (like converse-style heels; I kid you not), I tried this on as a joke on a day out in Leeds with my best friend last year. It's also got sentimental value: I wore it out the next evening to go drinking... which was when I met Sam!

It's called 'the "yellow" dress' rather than 'the yellow dress' because Sam insists that it's not yellow, whereas I insist that it is. And I'm clearly right.

Here it is in action alongside two of my closest friends (the one on the left insisted I try it on).

4. My Sheer Shirt

I love this. Hell at the moment I live in this. I can't believe I've had it nearly 2 years. I bought it in September 2012 while picking up pieces for my new job as an ethics tutor and wore it on my very first day. Since then it's made appearances at work, on days out, and when out on the town. And I love it so.

Bonus: shorts are pictured too. Huzzah!

5. My Parka

This was my birthday present from the wonderful Sam, the reasoning behind it being:

  1. It's getting cold, and I had no decent/warm coat,
  2. It's stylish as hell, and vitally
  3. I was about to move to Manchester and Sam thought it important that I fit in ;)
I love this. I haven't worn it for a while with the weather improving and I can't get used to not being wrapped up in it (I almost reached for it this morning on the way out to the gym!)

As my mate said on seeing it: "Sunnnshheeiiine!"

6. My Satchel(s)

I'm a perpetual student. In career terms (I've been in higher education since 2007...), in bad habit terms, and apparently in style terms. But the last one isn't necessarily a bad thing. 

Pictured is my new satchel - but it's still being broken in at the moment, and it's a little inflexible, so I'm still spending quite a lot of time with my little oxblood one as well.

Bonus: pencil skirts, body-con dresses, front-zip hoodies, skinny jeans, band shirts, giant jumpers. Especially the last one.

What are your style staples?


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