Sunday, 1 June 2014

Gratitude Dude


Day 31: Gratitude.

I'm a little bit late with the final post of the May challenge, but I'm here now any rate.

Thanks to the teachings of blogstresses like Gala and Kimber, I'm well aware of the good that regular stock-takes of the good stuff in life can do. Back in the day, I used to keep my own gratitude journal (well, kind of, it was a list of anything and everything that had made me smile that day) but as I like to read over them again later, they became a no-go as exes tended to be mentioned alongside adventures, successes and food. So maybe the trick would be to start keeping these lists again... and maybe just not reading them if things go tits up with the Yeti (touch wood; cling to wood).

So I might as well start today. Good a time as any.

To adapt from my things that make me happy list...

Namely, the general and continued existence of: Sam, my friends, my family, my course mates, my degree, pandas, corgis, raccoons, The Lake District, The Peak District, Snowdonia, Norway, Sheffield, London, Spain, Vera Wang: Princess Night, Bourgois Rouge Velvet (in Peach Club), on-point eye liner, That popping candy/jellybean thing that Cadbury’s make, sour Skittles, biscuits, Fancie Sheffield, Five Guys, fruit ciders, Amaretto, good pubs, hot showers, good hair days, dark brown hair dye that comes out black, visits home, Oasis and Arctic Monkeys on repeat, black metal, Ulver, Code, playlists with music from the 80s, pyjamas, bright yellow dresses with weird prints, red wigs, high heels, daft video games, daft card games, good TV, amazing films, awful films, exploring new places, exploring places I thought I knew, Pratchett books, radio shows starring Michael Sandel, applied philosophy sections in the library, old buildings, green spaces, cherry blossom, empty train carriages with no reservations, tidy and colour-coded diaries, coffee, water coolers in the common room, sunny days that aren’t too hot, the sound of rain when I can stay home, flower crowns, cohort conferences, cinema trips, countdowns to adventures, glitter, decent pens, nice notebooks, good blogs and webcomics, the last minute or two waiting on the platform at Oxford Rd for the train to Sheffield…

I could go on. But I won't. 

What are you grateful for?


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