Saturday, 3 May 2014

Merry May!

It's been a while. Again.

I'm terrible for keeping on top of this whole blogging thing. But I've been way too busy: first because I was having far too much fun, and then because I spent a week sat in a room with the worst acoustics in the world and intermittently staring at my presentation-in-progress, paralysed by fear.

Now May and June look to be full-to-bursting on the whole work-schedule front, but nonetheless, I thought I'd try and get back to blogging. Because I apparently hate free time.

And as a method of encouraging me to blog, I've decided to try one of those meme things all the kids are on about these days: The Blog Every Day in May Project. Now we've already seen how rubbish I can be at sticking to things like this, but I figured it was worth a go. Clearly, we're a few days into May now - and so I'm already a few days behind - but I'll just double post over the bank holiday weekend. Because being back in Manchester sans Yeti, I have nothing better to do (other than, y'know, my PhD).

And at some point I'll also blog about mine and Sam's anniversary week, because that was pretty ace.

In a bit!

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