Thursday, 22 May 2014

In Which I Reveal I Don't Work Well In Call Centres

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Day 14: Share a funny story or picture.

Last year I briefly (very briefly) worked on the phones for a major energy company. This particular company had its main call centre in Cape Town, with more than twice the number of call-takers as in the Yorkshire branches. Obviously, last year was when Nelson Mandela sadly died, so in addition to the usual annual increase in calls as we went into winter, we now had to cope with getting Cape Town's calls as well while they had their week of mourning. 

One afternoon, I got stuck on the phone for a torturous two hours with a man who was complaining about something that the company couldn't do anything about (and that wasn't even remotely our fault). At about the one hour forty-five mark, he also started complaining about the wait for calls. Basically already at breaking point, my politeness reserves already exhausted, I apologised for this and explained the situation with South Africa. 

"I had to wait twenty minutes because Nelson Mandela's died? Well I've not heard that excuse before!"

"Well, with respect, sir, he hasn't died before."

Yep. I couldn't resist (and I'm surprised I didn't get the sack for that). I left about 2 days later. My friends still work there - they are better women than I (I would definitely have been sacked by now). 

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