Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Catch Up: Compliments, Photos, a How-To, and Sheffield

I have fallen way behind. Turns out you can be busy doing nothing.
But now I'm back in Manchester (i.e. the place where I'm meant to throw myself into work), with a to do list as long as my arm, then naturally I'm well up for blogging rather than doing what I'm supposed to.

So I'm going to do a quick-blast post to catch up with the Blog Everyday thing... Somewhat. Slightly. Ish.

"Day 4: What’s a compliment you have been given that has stuck with you?..."

To be honest, few really do. I'm one of those who have to be told something nice over and over and over before they begin to come close to believing it, but will absorb pretty much any mean offhand comment or criticism (so I'm 90% of people).

But there is one which comes to mind: apparently I'm "interesting" to talk to. My ex said this the night we broke up, and when all the mandatory break-up crap had subsided, that stuck with me. It might not seem like much, but considering I'd been told I was - in one way or another - "boring" by previous exes, and was getting to a point where I tended to stay quiet rather than risk being too dull to handle - it was kind of a big deal for me. Now, he knew all this, so maybe it was just a kind thing to say at a parting of the ways. But that said, he made the effort to stay in touch, and we occasionally have the odd brilliant conversation - so maybe he was being truthful. Plus, being nice for nice's sake is not really his thing.

These days I do still get scared that I bore people and I'm really quiet if I don't have someone I'm comfortable with by my side (unless I've had too many ciders, that is...) - but that comment still holds me up at times when I do talk to new people (or to whoever when I'm talking about my work).  He and I don't really talk that much any more - we're both busy people with big scary careers (him more than me) and new partners to be interesting in front of. But that compliment stays with me nonetheless.

"Day 5: Write a ‘How to’ post..."

I'm lazy, and there's not a great deal of stuff I know how to do that couldn't be taught by someone way better than me. One day I might do one of these off the cuff (maybe on the basics of writing a good philosophy essay? Or on getting decent deals on travel? Who knows), but until then, I can direct you to my hiking blog for this post - sub-heading: "What makes a good hiking buddy?" I guess you could use it as a check list for "How To Pick a Hiking Buddy".

"Day 6: A favourite photo of you."

Ah. This one's easy. 
Admittedly it's already been on here before, but it didn't have a filter on then, so ner.

"Day 7:  Where are you writing from today?"

As of a few hours ago, I'm back in Manchester following an impromptu week in Sheffield with Sam (and by impromptu, I mean: I was only supposed to be staying a few days...)

Oddly, the more I grow to love Manchester the city, the more I hate living here. I guess it's like London for me in that respect: I miss the place, but I don't think I'll ever want to live there again. Sheffield is more me, it turns out: it's a city so it has a decent pace of life and variety of things to do, but it's not overwhelming. The Peace Gardens are awesome, the Peaks are on the doorstep, the cost of living is cheap, the people are friendly, and it's familiar. Plus the fact it's not far from my hometown with all my friends and family therein doesn't hurt either. 

But right now I am in Manchester. For good or ill.
Although my view isn't too bad right now, at least...

Ok. That's enough catching up for today. Gah.


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