Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Guest Post: The Yeti on Airsoft

Day 26, Monday: Invite someone to guest post for you.

Who else would I ask but the lovely Yeti? Even though that meant waiting ages for him to finish murdering zombies before he got a wiggle on and wrote a post. So with no further ado....

So. Apparently, I have to do this guest post dealy. I'm a bit short on ideas, so prepare for gratuitous waffling.

 I really am trying to think of something to talk about. Honestly. It just looks like you may have to settle for me waffling about one of my hobbies I'm allowed to do when not being a mountaineer's pack mule.

You may have seen, in a few of the photos, a hairy chap. In some of those involving hills, you may have noticed he's wearing camouflage clothing. Well, that's me and this is why I often wear it.


The camouflage gear comes from me running around woodlands and derelict buildings with other (supposed) adults firing toy guns at each other all day pretending to be soldiers. Now, before you worry to much, it is all done on private property with all safety and security measures taken care of, and is completely legal.

When I get chance (allowed to, if I promise not to come back in more than one piece), there's not much I would rather do on a weekend than gather a bunch of my friends and head to an airsoft site for a day's worth of games. From fast-paced capture the flag games to longer, much more tactical objective based assaults, it's a great way to get some exercise of both body and mind (as long as you don't mind the risk of a few welts and bruises).

Plus, it lets the 5 year old child who used to play soldiers get out and have some fun too!

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