Saturday, 3 May 2014

Goals for May

 As I mentioned earlier, I'm going to have a go at this Blogging Everyday in May thing. Admittedly, I'm a little late to the party, nonetheless - Day 1 is Goals. Which seems reasonable.

I'm hoping to have a productive couple of months as July (aka. the month of family visits, hiking, holiday, and packing for the new flat) is fast approaching, and it would make me unreasonably happy to have the first draft of my first PhD chapter (due October) done before I go away. 
But as Sam finishes his exams in mid-June and will probably want to celebrate, I guess the pressure's on somewhat to get a bit more done in the next 40 days. 

Plus, I need to get into a shape that isn't totally spherical in time for the holiday: I'm going hiking for 10 days in the Lakes, so I might need to do something about this whole praying-for-death-after-running-for-2-minutes thing. If you're curious, I wrote about my typical gym-to-hill workout stuff on my hiking blog, but as I've been away from the hills (and indeed the gym)  for far too long of late, I really ought to up the ante. 

Without further ado: here are my goals for today, this week, and even this month.
Clearly I spoil you.

*Food shop *Tidy *Hoover *Wash pots *Cook something decent with greenery in it (a week of canteen dinners has taken its toll) *Update blogs *Email conference people *Write list re: what I need to get for July *Source some reading for the thesis *Come up with a study schedule for this month *And one for the gym.

(Incidentally, today is my quiet day.)

This Week:
*Contact supervisors re: submission schedules and supervisions *Email cohort re: conference *Ring Grandma twice *Get to the gym 3 times before going to Sheffield *Start writing first chapter (current target: 2000 words by Wednesday) *Get notes organised *Start reading this *And this *Go up at least one bloody great hill. *Start thinking up ideas for blog posts for the cohort blog.

This Month:
*Organise first and second supervisions
*Have first supervision
*Write at least 5,000 words (ambitious aim: 7,500) for Chapter 1
*Go up at least one hill (aiming for 2)
*Read the books mentioned above
*Lose an inch from the middle
*Organise first and second waves of reading for my first paper
*Read the first wave of reading.
*Not fail this month's gym schedule
*Visit the family at least once
*Read an entire novel (I've been awful for this lately)
*Organise seeing some of the gang
*Write at least 2 articles for the cohort blog
*"Blog Everyday" I guess

As you can see, I have lofty ambitions. And maybe more will get added in time, but for now that seems a reasonable enough list.

Ok. Day one of that challenge down.

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