Wednesday, 28 May 2014


Day 28, Wednesday: Family.  What do you love? What crazy genetics do you have in common?  Fave photo?

I love 

....boozy get-togethers with either branch of the family...
(These were at the same pub, but were totally different branches of the family (plus Sam, for the latter party...))
...Walks with Dad and my brother Harry...

...Hanging out at Grandmas drinking coffee and putting the world to rights...
I know I've posted this photo already this week, but I love it so
...Exploring with my mum....

Mum's camera is beyond broken, but it makes for some interesting effects
...Plus any time spent with my cousin/best friend
He looks like a tiny statesman...

Genetic similarities?

Well, I've got the Wootton build with the Carter waist and chest - which basically means I've got a big butt, a small waist, decent rib cage and a relatively small bust. Which sounds a bit crappy, but apparently I really do suit it well.

I also have the Carter nose, which I've given up on dealing with, and my mother's hooded eyes. Also, though there's nothing else I can put my finger on specifically, I also apparently look a lot like one of my maternal cousins (no, not the statesman lad).

Fave photo?

Always this amazing one of me and my Dad from last year.

He hates it.
I'm going to get it framed.

After all, what are families for?

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