Friday, 23 May 2014

Catch Up: What Makes me Happy?

Daddy Tomato jumps on Tomato Jr who is trailing behind and shouts "Ketchup!"
(I just wanted a new way of indicating I'm still playing catch-up....)

Day 17: A day in the life.  Photo journal your day today.

Watch this space [link to follow]

Day 18: 10 things that make you happy.

(1) Spending time with Sam (I'm a soppy bugger, I know)

(2) Getting to the top of a hill - especially if it's one that's taken a lot of graft

(3) Being inspired to work - and being productive: whether it's managing to hammer out hundreds of words in one sitting, noticing a connection between theories I'd never noticed before, or getting overexcited in the library and taking out 7 books more than I meant to.

(4) Spending time with my friends

(5) And my family.

(6) When it's sunny, but not too hot (16c is about the sweet spot). Instant joy.

(7) Videos and photos of corgis. I have a problem.

(8) Planning adventures - especially those that might actually happen before my thirties

(9) Going out to amazing restaurants and eating amazing food (however much my wallet and waist hate me for it)

(10) The general and continued existence of: Sam, my friends, my family, my course mates, my degree, pandas, corgis, raccoons, The Lake District, The Peak District, Snowdonia, Norway, Sheffield, London, Spain, Vera Wang: Princess Night, Bourgois Rouge Velvet (in Peach Club), That popping candy/jellybean thing that Cadbury's make, sour Skittles, Fancie Sheffield, Five Guys, fruit ciders, good pubs, hot showers, good hair days, dark brown hair dye that comes out black, Oasis and Arctic Monkeys on repeat, black metal, Ulver, Code, playlists with music from the 80s, pyjamas, bright yellow dresses with weird prints, red wigs, high heels, daft video games, daft card games, good TV, amazing films, awful films, Pratchett books, radio shows starring Michael Sandel, applied philosophy sections in the library, old buildings, green spaces, cherry blossom, empty train carriages with no reservations...

I need to stop now, while I'm still able to do so.

Day 19: Dream job?

No idea in real terms, but I guess the closest thing to ideal would be being an academic: I love reading about philosophy and bioethics, I love writing about it, talking about it, and teaching it. So it makes a lot of sense to try to go down that route.
Although I'm very aware that it's not all that likely to go well for me, it's still worth a try.

Day 20: Who inspires you?

No one specifically. But I have a lot of time for people with a tremendous work ethic.
To make up for the lack of a good answer, here's my Dad's dog Lola (who he describes as being a "breeze block with legs"), right before she tried to eat my camera:

Til next time


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