Thursday, 22 May 2014

Catch Up: Moran Quote & Blogroll

Catching Up. Again.

I worked really bloody hard on these, so enjoy them.

Day 15: Create or share a poster, card or artwork that shares a message that inspires you.

Please excuse the vanity in using myself in this, but yeah.

Day 16, Friday: Tell us about 5 blogs that you love reading regularly.

Here goes:
This has been my favourite blog for a few years now. While I can't always get on board with some of the stuff (esepcially anything to do with magic), she's just an instantly likeable character. She's stylish, unapologetic, and an inspiration that you can go through some nasty mental stuff and come through the other side with a flourish as subtle as a glitter cannon. Plus her radical self love movement was pretty instrumental in helping me to get the courage to leave a pretty nasty relationship when I was younger.

2. The Tumblr Tri-Factor: Cult of Kimber, Dear Coquette, and Banknote
I've had a Tumblr for five years now and while in its heyday it was a pretty ace place to waste an afternoon, it seems to be a little lacklustre these days. I've met amazing friends on there: gig buddies, an ex that's now a close friend, and loads of people who I'd love to have in my life if only they lived a little closer. People now have either left or gone quiet so it's not what it was, but there are still a few blogs worth sticking around the dash for...
*Kimber is a no-nonsense beekeeper who will educate you on racism and power structures alongside posts on make up, DIY projects and hot men.
*Coquette is the undisputed queen of snarky (but spot on) advice. It's worth looking through her archives: some of her truths have helped me snap out of some of my more ridiculous funks.
*Banknote is a young-ish lass living in my home city. She's pretty, funny, and posts fantastic stuff. There's not many personal blogs that I look forward to reading, but hers is one.

Hardly ever updated these days, but the undisputed jewel in the crown of comic blogs. My best friend got me the book for Christmas and I still haven't finished it because I'm petrified of having nothing more to read. Allie's style is casual, daft, funny, and above all still rather clever. And her posts on her battle with depression will make you laugh and cry, and will strike a chord with anyone who has been through (or is still going through) the same. Any update of this blog is cause for a massive celebration due to both the quality and the rarity - though in between, you could always enjoy the archive.

If I'm honest, I don't really read these posts in their entirety unless time is on my side (which it rarely is). But this blog is amazing for heart-breakingly beautiful photos of, and from, mountains in the UK. I was introduced to it by the guy who got me into fell walking who instructed me to use it for Lakes inspiration before mine and Sam's first holiday together last year. The only problem with this site is it makes me want to spend my life wandering up and down hills rather than doing any of the myriad of things I'm supposed to be doing.

aka. The blog that gives my boyfriend a heart attack every time he sees me reading it. But I'm not fussed about getting married any time soon (I've not long recovered from being engaged the first time), but I love the voyeurism of watching someone's wedding - finding out why they chose the styles and themes that they did, and it's lovely to see couples who celebrate their love their way. Also, Kat's non-wedding posts - on blogging, on travel, on running a business, and on her life - are great to read as well.

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