Thursday, 15 May 2014

Catch Up: Hitler, Miss Piggy, and Greenery Back Home

"Day 8:  Share a book that you’d like to read, but haven’t yet.  What draws you to it?"

My habit is to read everything Discworld, so it's pretty unusual for me to have a book on my mind.  But right now, I'm more than a little tempted to get this to read after my (6th) reread of Small Gods:

It's a book in which Hitler wakes up in 2011 Berlin, with no idea that the war has ended and with everyone assuming that he's just an offensive (if well-researched) impersonator.

I read the first chapter the other day and while it wasn't earth-shattering amazing, it certainly looks worth the £1.39 for the Kindle edition.

Plus it reminds me of my favourite PSA:

"Day 9:  5 things you love on a Friday." Thursday

As a research student I get to pick my own hours, so I don't really have a typical Friday just yet (though that might change when I move to Sheffield and develop something resembling a routine in my life), and when I tried to answer the original question I couldn't get past 2 things.
So instead, here's Thursdays: the only day with something approaching a routine at the minute.

*Getting to see Sam/knowing he's only a day away
*Guilt-free laziness (leftover from when I had Wednesday seminars)
*Having Sam for a whole day (when in Sheff; it's his day off)
*Rock Soc (when I'm in Manchester and feeling up to it)
*Wednesday's Coronation Street to watch (we all have vices)

In short: this sod makes my Thursdays.

"Day 10: A fashion, beauty or life tip."

I'm no good at anything like this. I look like I dress in the dark, I've only just started wearing lipstick (and I still don't wear foundation), and my life oftentimes feels like I'm flailing wildly from one place to the next without entirely knowing how I got to any of them to begin with.

So I'll hand over to someone far wiser than I:


"Day 11:  Go for a photo walk."

Considering I'm (theoretically) off to the Peaks on Saturday, I'm going to postpone this until then.
But just so that I'm not completely copping out, here's some from my wanders with my brother at home last month...

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