Tuesday, 27 May 2014

A Day In The Life

Day 17: A day in the life.  Photo journal your day today.

Ok, so this is a little late coming (along with day 11's photo walk, which will be along this week). Anyhoo, here's how yesterday went down...

Here's a not-so-pretty start: me in half-makeup (I still have unblended eye-cream on there) with wet hair.

The way I start everyday.

I've kept this small for the sake of those with a nervous disposition.

You're welcome.

The Yeti, on the other hand, looks far better than I first thing in the morning.

We were ready at this point to go off and out to Sheffield city centre to pick up some bits.

En route, we unexpectedly encountered some kind of fete...

[Fete photos courtesy of Sam's phone - mine was full and I'd not thought to bring my camera]

While we were out, Sam got some practical items while I got sun cream and flower crowns (which are clearly very important to have in the hills). There'll be a photo of me in the larger one at some point. Indeed if you follow me on Instagram or Twitter you will have already seen it. But for now, here's an unnecessarily 'artsy' shot of my new crowns and my beloved lip gloss...

Back at the boy's flat it was time to get on with some work. I have a self-imposed deadline for the first draft of my literature review for my thesis, and Sam has a few exams coming up.

So Sam cracked on and spent the afternoon working hard.
Meanwhile I emptied my suitcase and got out the research notes, books and papers that I'd brought with me...

And then spent most of the afternoon trying to guess who's going to kill Tina in Corrie (no spoilers, please, I still haven't watched Monday's episode (I'm saving it for the gym))

Then more pestering and distracting Sam in between his trips to the kitchen to sort our dinner

Not pictured: we ate a yummy pizza while finally watching Frozen (I've been wanting to see that since it was at the cinema).

Then we cuddled up to watch Modern Family in bed before going to sleep.

And that was our day.


I'd originally decided to do this about Sunday's visit to my Grandma... but forgot I was supposed to be taking photos half way through.

So here's a few from Sunday, too:

This photo makes me so happy :)

After a nervy few minutes listening on Radio 5 over the internet on my old notebook - (which, incidentally, died when I started to write my MA dissertation (just like my first laptop did for my BA dissertation). TIMING.) - Rotherham finally won the match on penalties.
Promoted to the Championship, baby! 

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