Friday, 18 April 2014

Returning to Productivity: Day One

As I mentioned in my last post, April has not been a good month productivity-wise. It's been an amazing month in other ways, but as wonderful as all that sunshine, adventure, and quality time has been, it's not going to help me to wow the staff (read: pass) at the presentation on the second of May.

I came back from Yorkshire yesterday, and while I was too done-in (lazy) to study or go to the gym I managed to get some quick jobs sorted (rent paid, bus pass bought, bank account emptied!) - and I figured that there might be some productivity stored in the mystical land of tomorrow.

For once, I was right!

Now I didn't get to the gym as it's shut today and Monday for the bank holiday (bah), but after some half-arsed jumping jacks in my room at stupid o'clock in the morning, I did manage to make it into the office. And then promptly got a metric shit-ton of work done.

Seriously, if I had told myself at the start of the day that this was what I was going to do, I would have frowned at the list then gone straight back to bed in protest. But it got done!

Now part of me still feels like it's not quite enough (because I'm me and can't just enjoy things), but as I'd pretty much burned out by 5pm anyway, I headed home and rewarded myself with excessive blog-reading. Top drawer.

Tomorrow and Sunday, I'm going to aim to be superwoman and spend a lot of time at the gym before heading over to the office, and I'll be spending Monday seeing how long I can work for before I start to mistake the word 'dog' for 'potato' (it's happened before).

Then Tuesday? Back to playing hookey: it's mine and Sam's anniversary that Friday, after all.


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