Thursday, 27 March 2014

Dropping off the Edge of the World

I realise I've been rather quiet of late. Sorry about that. Long story short: PhDs are pretty time-consuming. 
Who'd have thought it?

Today I'm off to Yorkshire for the first time in 3 weeks to visit the Yeti and to pester my family in time for Mother's Day - and even then I'm still taking quite a bit of work. Normally I try to avoid working when I'm visiting my boyfriend - I've dated workaholics, I know how crappy it can be at times - but deadlines are approachin'.

But I break up for Easter at the end of next week, and while that doesn't mean quite as much as it did when I was doing my BA (or even my MA), it will still mean I have a bit more time (at least on the day when I'm normally in seminars!)

So while I will still be spending a fair bit of time here:

I'm such a skilled decorator...

I can also spend a bit of time here:

'Til then...

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