Monday, 31 March 2014

Sniffle Break

I am ill. Full of ill. Ugh

I've had a sore throat for the best part of a week and last night it suddenly decided on making a career change in a big way*: cue all of the aches, pains and sneezes.

So having traveled 50-odd miles with a very heavy suitcase (and no lifts), I'm allowing myself a rare night off to use for reading blogs, watching Netflix, and generally feeling sorry for myself. 

Otherwise, it's (hopefully!) back to the grindstone tomorrow. I have a presentation to give on Wednesday so there's a dry run and inevitable rewrite on the books tomorrow. And after a week off due to injury, I'm itching to get back to the gym now that I can walk without crying - although this new cold, combined with a vested interest in not tearing my foot open again, means I'll probably just stick to the bike tomorrow rather than jumping straight back onto the treadmill.

Wednesday is, as I said, the presentation. But it's also the last regular lecture day of my PhD. I have a one-off week of classes to attend at the end of Easter, but otherwise I'll be going onto a less structured timetable, basically centring around meetings with my supervisors and cohort days. So I'll have more time to dedicate to my thesis (read: to sit in my office looking vaguely alarmed at the sheer enormity of it all), and - as Sam pointed out - I'll be free to come to Yorkshire on Wednesday evenings. Which might not seem all that amazing (I usually go down on Thursday mornings, so I'm not gaining too much time) but it has been SO LONG since I've been to the cinema!

After that are a few Rock Soc things for which I intend to avoid cider like the plague (10 days later I still feel hungover...), followed by Sam arriving a week tomorrow to visit Manchester during the week for the first time since January. And more than that: I'm working my butt off from tomorrow to try and get my first segment draft finished so that I can guiltlessly buy and download this great epic of our time for me and Sam to enjoy when he gets here.


*NB: My knowledge of microbiology and pathology is somewhat limited; this might not actually be what happens.

Thursday, 27 March 2014

Dropping off the Edge of the World

I realise I've been rather quiet of late. Sorry about that. Long story short: PhDs are pretty time-consuming. 
Who'd have thought it?

Today I'm off to Yorkshire for the first time in 3 weeks to visit the Yeti and to pester my family in time for Mother's Day - and even then I'm still taking quite a bit of work. Normally I try to avoid working when I'm visiting my boyfriend - I've dated workaholics, I know how crappy it can be at times - but deadlines are approachin'.

But I break up for Easter at the end of next week, and while that doesn't mean quite as much as it did when I was doing my BA (or even my MA), it will still mean I have a bit more time (at least on the day when I'm normally in seminars!)

So while I will still be spending a fair bit of time here:

I'm such a skilled decorator...

I can also spend a bit of time here:

'Til then...

Saturday, 22 March 2014

Grandad Jack

My Grandad Jack died of cancer nearly 6 years ago. With all this talk of cancer following the selfie thing, my ace auntie wrote a post on FB about his story which included a bit I’d never heard before.
When he was having chemo for his secondary cancer he met a lot of young people receiving the same treatment; this is what he used to tell them...

Don’t look down at your boots, if you look down at your boots it’ll get ya. 
Look it in the face and tell it to feck off!