Sunday, 9 February 2014

Photo Challenge: 07-09

Continuing with the February photo challenge...

Day 7:  Utensils

Sam assures me that a fork is a utensil.
For my birthday, my friends and I went to TGIs for dinner. We were pretty convinced of the fact that they were busy by being made to wait nearly an hour for a table. But the clincher came at dessert: when they ran out of spoons and offered me a fork to eat my ice cream with.

Day 8: Water

Sabrina, goddess of the Severn, in some water
(from my visit to Shrewsbury last summer).
I feel this covers all bases.

Day 9: Details

I feel this fits the bill. Somehow.
Incidentally, that rock has some sentimental significance. As you'd expect from a rock.

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