Saturday, 1 February 2014

Merry February!

Today is the first day of my first full month in my new(ish) job and city. I've had a contentedly lazy start to the month: I had a bit of a lie-in, tidied my room, then collected the Yeti from outside uni (I lost track of time so couldn't meet him at the station. Bad Roxy). Since then we've been binge watching Netflix and iPlayer ...and he's currently napping (so much for youthful energy).

So what's in store for this month? Honestly: on the whole, I've no idea. Though there are some things in the pipeline...

  • Valentine's weekend:  I'm going to a "Cohort Day", which is basically an internal conference for students on my PhD programme. I'm excited to meet all the 2nd, 3rd, and write-up year students, and to hear about people's projects; it'll eat into Valentine's day itself, but Sam will be coming up in the evening, so I guess we'll do something then. Even if it's just ordering too much pizza and watching too much Netflix.
    The day after, one of my best friends from home is coming up for the weekend with her fella and has informed us that we will be going to Satan's Hollow. So that's settled. There's then a hike on the Sunday, but much will depend on money, injuries, and how wasted we're likely to get on the Saturday (very).
  • Something brief but slightly massive is happening on Monday 3rd. I'll blog about it after. Oo-er.
  • I'm going to my soc-mate's gig on Friday. That should be a lark.
  • Otherwise? All of the studying. SO MUCH STUDYING. (PhDs are hard...)

Also, for larks, I might just do this as well:

I'm terrible for getting half way through these and then forgetting they exist, but it should be a fun distraction from attempting to read everything in the world at once. I'll post the first shortly.

So here's to the shortest month: may it be TARDIS-like in awesomeness.

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