Saturday, 8 February 2014

Manchester Digs

So I've been living in Manchester full time now for 3 weeks and while I'm steadily getting used to living away from home, I'm still nowhere near completely settled in the city.

Admittedly much of that might be down to the fact that I don't really spend any time in the city - in the last 3 weeks I've been north of Manchester Oxford Road station once. And that was solely to go to Wilkos and Tesco. (I'm so cool).  

Hopefully I'll find time to fit in a proper visit to the city before I move to Sheffield later this year, but for now I can at least show off the one part of Lancashire I've gotten to know properly (outside of that seminar room in the Law School) - my room.

Incidentally: the bedding? Turns out ASDA have stopped making it and so I won't be able to get it in a double for my new place in Sheffield.  Gutted.

Also, my desk is not that tidy right now. What you're seeing there is "Sam's visiting and all my lecture reading is done", today's more of a "I'm visiting Sam this week and holy crap I have too much work to do". So it will probably be in a state until Valentine's weekend.
Or until after I've finished my first year report.

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