Monday, 17 February 2014

"It Comes in Threes" - Adventures with the NHS

Disclaimer: I love the NHS. In a big way. I know the emergency services are stretched, and I have nothing but respect for NHS staff. This is more a run down of what's been going on this week. It is in no way a criticism of one of the best things about my country. And where I am inclined to whinge, it's more to do with areas where budget cuts have done damage, and nothing to do with the NHS or its staff. This should hopefully be evident anyway, but you know. Just in case.

So number one was visiting my mother in hospital on Monday for her birthday. I won't go too much into detail as it's not entirely fair to her; basically she was very poorly (emergency surgeries, in High Dependency for several weeks, etc) but then from Monday she came on in leaps and bounds and is now back home (yay!). I'm hoping this is number one, because as a security guard kept telling me (?), "it comes in threes". Here's number's two and three, then...

So Friday was mine and Sam's first Valentine's together. Which started at Kro Bar (oh my days, that risotto) and ended in A&E. Oh dear.
Now that makes it sound more dramatic or exciting than it actually was...

As does this photo, a little bit.
(also: lol)
Basically, he'd managed to acquire a head injury (and was knocked out) before popping over the Pennines to Manchester. As he hadn't had chance to eat yet, I put some food in him before we headed off for our romantic jaunt to A&E.

Mandatory food photo: gorgeous chicken and chorizo risotto was gorgeous.

After 3 hours and 45 minutes, with Sam thoroughly jibed for being clumsy and my handbag full of head injury leaflets, we headed home and ate some digestives. 
And that was our Valentine's.

Sam had been told not to drink for a bit, so our plans to get wasted with my friend from home had to be rain-checked in favour of a quiet night in, so I'd decided to acquire some goodies to make it a bit more special (nothing says romance like tuna bake). So the very next morning we set off to the supermarket.

About 50 yards from my gate, we spotted this:

At 52 yards we spotted this (which was also new)...

And then we'd managed about 100 yards from the gate when we spotted a man on the floor.
Turned out he'd fallen and couldn't get up.
Because he'd broken his ankle. Quite spectacularly.
(Two words for those who understand them: "compound fracture").

So we rang for an ambulance and looked after him as best we could with a security guard from the halls outside of which he'd fallen (not mine, incidentally). 

An hour and fifteen minutes later, the ambulance finally arrived.

As we were waiting for the paramedics, we got chatting to the security guard. We mentioned about our recent trip to A&E, I mentioned I'd never had to ring an ambulance before (dull life, clearly), and made some comment like "and I've only been living in Manchester a month!". He nodded knowingly and told me: "It comes in threes. You be careful...".
He said that a few more times before we left.

Still. It wasn't all bad, when we finally got to the supermarket I found these...


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