Saturday, 25 January 2014

Manchester, PhD, and General Stuff

So I’ve come to the end of the first week of my PhD and of living in Manchester.
Here are some things:
«I’ve met some really awesome people this week: the people on my program are fascinating and really sweet too.
«A great deal of the Rock Soc are also pretty awesome; plus there’s a fair few PhD students in there, so I don’t feel like such an old lady. Well, I’m sorted for what to do on a Thursday night from now on :3
«Turns out I’m the only person in the group with a philosophy background and the only one to have never studied any law, which will be fun when I write the law portion of my thesis ("There's an awful lot of law in this law school PhD...").
«I got starstruck in front of one of my all-time academic heroes… who seemed a bit disappointed when I said I did my undergraduate degree at Roehampton …though to be fair it might just be he’s never heard of it.  :p
«Fresher’s Flu: It doesn’t just affect first years.
«I’m feeling really out of my depth and not at all ready for any of this… but I’m also incredibly eager to get stuck in. So hopefully a weekend with a massive pile of books will help deal with both of those sentiments.
«I’m still uneasy about living in Manchester, at least at night. I was starting to calm down about it after walking the mile home from uni alone at 10pm unmurdered… but then my classmate got mugged at 5pm on a busy street, so I’m back to being nervous.
«I’ve been told so many researching/writing deadlines this week I can’t remember them all, so my plan is to work like a woman possessed for the next 3 years and hope that that covers the bases.
«I’ve signed up for a day-long teaching assistant training course (if I get a job teaching here it’d be a very different style to at Leeds, so I thought I’d brush up), about which I’m already pathetically eager.
«I’ve lost 5lbs since Monday. Manchester must obviously be agreeing with me  :3
«I should be reading…

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